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Thinking on the ideas by Stoics on being grand

Ofcourse I am Grand, I am wise too

Petrified you may be, cold as a salmon

Afford we may, but need, do we ?

Gestures, actions and eyes, they splurge anyway

Embellishments, medals, honours just take space

A letter even, needs the grandeur of language

Wrong, one thinks, Grand brings with itself

But look at nature, the Grand-est of all

The weakness of social frameworks

The binds of nicety and being-a-man

The truth of basic needs

Being lost in milieu

Grand is but, the dance of a peacock, the mane of a lion

Grand are ideas and ideals of humans

Shed that facade and embrace truth, all of it

Bit-by-Bit the light will shine and illuminate

Revealing parts of you, you hidden behind all those clothes of slavishness

If only one can reveal what is truly Grand


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