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Create, Edit, Post, Wait

Like, Another like, Comment

Wait, Check, Wait more, Check more, another Like

A rush of cheap dopamine, every time.

A Reel, a Story, a Post, a Repost

A Tweet, a Status, a Retweet

The urge to share, to celebrate

To throw open one's life on a screen.

The rise in ranks, the rise in audience

The need to tell a story, a struggle perhaps

The ethereal following, a new currency

The need for validation of a virtual crown.

No questions asked, no judgement passed

Just pictures clicked, in sartorial charm

A reputation to behold, an audience waiting

For another drop of poison, another hit of dopamine.

A patron saint, an Iron Man

Who once had imagined a league of citizens

Who would act as the Fourth Lion

Powerful, important, fundamental, yet Anonymous.

The ‘steel-frame’ once dreamt of, as a bulwark

To work behind the veil, yet work

Anonymity today, a raging buzzword

Yet the ‘Stars’ remain, shining brighter.

None is black and white, anonymity included

One needn’t hide when duty demands

One needn’t boast when duty rewards

One needs to do duty, to no other regard.

Tools are meant as a leverage for good

Let work speak and gather acclaim

Let the team take the glory home

For you, the work itself be the aim.


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