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Start / Aarambh

Start, when the realm calls

Start, with or without help

A step forward and another

Even when the feet won’t budge

Start, so that change may begin.

Start, since the wails still echo

Start, since the child’s still hungry

Plant the seed of duty

For change to spread it roots

Start, to end, a long hiatus

Start, with pebbles and peanuts

Start, with embers, if fires are tough

Fear not failure

Or demons, that lurk in the shadows

Start, for glory and for guts

Start, with however little you have

Start, here and now, wherever you stand

Try, Fail,

Fail forward and repeat

Start, in victory and in defeat

Start, when there’s no voice in support

Start, at dusk, or with midnight oil on reserve

The pain, the fear, the sorrow

Let them all come along

Start, where others often stop

Start, so that I may too

Start, to do what we must do

With clear, deliberate, conscious, unwavering focus

Start, just that much would do.


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