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Love Song

Art - Anne Magill

Often in throes of pain I reflect back on the pain that went by and the one that is. There's a choice between the pain you want and one you don’t. But what about the pain you deserve - no one can take that away from you.

Seldom we realize this pain, we're too busy licking some imaginary wound, one that makes us feel alive in pain. Out of these instance of pain, that you deserve, comes emotions of true love. Sometimes an estranged lover, sometimes a current one or sometimes the one you never met, and most probably never will. And love that’s more important - for your parents, siblings and friends - which we seldom express loudly. The melancholy of the love that stems from within you for a unknown object. Often I listen to a song and am choked with a lump in my throat but no person that this feeling is directed towards - its possibly a melee of many men / women/ people I have met, cherished and regretted in life.

This picture of one of those nights when spirits combine to write a ballad of love - not for an individual but for one's own soul - for the purging it requires. Tunes flow from emptied glasses and broken hearts. And it's all poured out, drop by drop, vials of pain emptied onto keys of a harmonium and strings of a guitar. The words carrying your tears to lanes going nowhere but atleast taking it out of you. Reminds me always of the masterpiece from Faiz that defines how to live with pain, and let people know how you feel about them - 'Bol'.

"bol ki lab azad hain tere

bol zubaan ab tak teri hai

tera sutvan jism hai tera

bol ki jaan ab tak teri hai "

Tell them you love them. Now.


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