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the benches

So many stories, so many promises, new and old. These ubiquitous benches seem to induce the deepest of conversations out of thin air. Young lovers talk of interests and how many things are a commonality between them. Old friends talk of bygone eras and how they remember the bond. A son remembers his lost parents, a parent remembers their martyred son. The conversations maybe surface or they maybe deep as the night. They may not even be between two people, lessons from and to oneself maybe in the offing. The benches they weave a web of emotions, ever containing and never telling. They give off their fresh lacquer everytime to shine another relation or a character that needed rebuffing.

Next time you sit on one of these, remember, you’re forever etching a part of you and you’re carrying the responsibility of so many conversations before you. Make it count. Make a good conversation. Weave that web a little tighter, a little denser - so that the frame tells a story, everytime.


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