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The Butterfly Effect

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. How small changes that may seem insignificant can lead to major shifts later on. Taking an example of an airplane - if we just tilt the Yoke (the control column) by a few degrees, it may not seem like much, flying in the vast sky. Neither will the passengers feel a difference. But run for a long enough time the flight may significantly divert from its path and take a completely new direction and reach a completely new destination. Exactly how small decisions in life flow. One drink, one smoke, one snort is all that's required to get addicted. Years after, the addicts think about how they got there. A similarity also exists in relationships. One misunderstood remark from a parent or a certain act of defiance from a child can sow seeds of discontent that may grow into future family feuds. A lover, angry at arriving late for a dinner may become a disgruntled stranger in a matter of months in a relationship that's not built on communication. On the other end, one day of exercise, one chapter of a book, one cup of beloved Chai replaced with green tea can transform lifestyle, if done correctly. An act of kindness, an act of compassion may inspire millions to see the world in a different light. Its not always that negatives spur negatives and positives result into positives. A negative may characterize something truly magnificent. A young barrister thrown off a train in South Africa, may one day become father of the nation, we know today as India. It took a holocaust for Viktor Frankl to truly understand power of hope, love and inner freedom. Bottomline, Newton was right, actions always have reactions - may not always be equal and opposite. Atleast not immediately. But, it all balances in the longer run. We must thus choose everyday - how we act, how we deliberate every move, how we LIVE each moment to its fullest and with intent, so that we control what is in our domain - our actions, our desires and our judgements.


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