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(Visakhapatnam, Vizagapatnam, Visakha)

Named after Visakha, the Lord of Valour, Vizag is known as the Jewel of the East Coast. The city is not just another coastal city but a metropolis that is ever evolving and every cosmopolitan.

The beauty of the city lies in its identity. It's identity lies in its people. And it's people are not just Andhraites, but a motley of identities from around the country. For most of its people, Vizag was and is a love at first sight. It's beaches, lined with coconut trees that run parallel to the city, as far as eyes can see. On the other hand are the hills of the eastern ghats, that house beautiful residences.

Vizag gives one the sense of quiet comfort that seldom big cities can provide. One can still go out in the evening to visit the beach and sip coffee while admiring the waves, even singularly.

The waves, they can teach you a lot. The persistent effort and drudgery of every wave coming and receding from the shore. May seem monotonous on the outset, but in the long run that's what makes the beach beautiful and worth admiring. It's these waves that can cut mountains and create cliffs or laying out sand on the shore. The ocean on the other hand seems tranquil and quiet, but when one stands on the beach and lets the waves run over ones feet, one feels the undercurrent - the ocean's strength is felt by even the slightest of pull provided by the receding wave. What seems calm and composed on the outset is in reality always working, always creating waves and always getting stronger.

And lastly, the ocean has its own rhythm and sound. One can close ones eyes and listen to the waves and the heart automatically starts moving to the groove. The sound is accompanied by sensory enrichment that comes from the feeling of sand beneath your feet and the wafts of salt mingled in the air. And possibly, a figment of one's imagination dancing alongside.

One often attaches songs to places and to my mind comes - Abusey Junction.


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