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Trot, Canter, Gallop

Comes slow and comes in time

To build the confidence and skill

And then, be ‘Able’ to do it

Some are geniuses, some extraordinary

Ability may then be confused for innate skill

Nature or nurture, the debate may spur

But the question is not who, but what and how

To be able, is not to scale a summit

Nor is it, a place of arrival

Ability, is work-in-progress

A constant effort, to be better than yesterday

From seed to plant to tree and fruits

Each stage, newer abilities

Learn, unlearn, relearn as a cycle

Sun, water, soil, animals as support

An able warrior, one imagines, is invincible

Look closely, she just gauges the opponent’s ability better

What shines in the Sun is the outcome

The cause of ability is opportunity, effort and consistency

To be able is to see without lenses

To empathise with tears of a stranger

To let intuition guide the intellect

And to strive always for what’s right

To be able and be aware of it, a blessing

Sometimes its inherited, others one snatches or earns it

Nevertheless, the opportunity remains the same

Jump long, stride fast and ring the bell every single time

Many are abled and many squander it

For value is seldom felt in present

But if you realise and recognise your ability

Don’t stop, don’t fret, don’t delay, just burn, burn, burn !!

Finally, one asks - what to to with ability when destiny awaits

Why not spend splendid time in merrymaking

I say make your merry as much as you want

But only when ability is exhausted or extinct


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